Now available for bookings:

Hans Dudeldee and Other Forgotten Fairy Tales, a 45 minute puppet show! More information and technical requirements are available here.

Hans Dudeldee and Other Forgotten Fairytales suitable for audiences aged 5 and up.  It tells the story of a newly discovered collection of Bavarian folktales and brings these fresh fairytales to life with an eclectic mix of puppetry from rod marionettes to cardboard cutouts.

Featuring live accordion music, sing-alongs and storytelling, Forgotten Fairy Tales keeps kids and parents entertained while presenting stories that read like the quirky cousins of Snow White or Cinderella.

backstage_album_maudetouchettephotographe_2015-35 edit 02We also offer puppet-making workshops which can be tailored to different age groups ranging from children to adults.

Please contact us at for availability and pricing of workshops and shows, or with any other inquiries.


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