Prince Dung Beetle in Pictures

Please check out these colourful images of our 35 minute show for ages 3 and up, Prince Dung Beetle!

DSC_0185 edit

Barbara is bored with the same old fairytales…

DSC_0159 edit

…so her mother tells her the story of The Blue Prince, who once lived just where they live, a long long time ago…

DSC_0195 edit

….And Barbara soon finds herself in a fairytale of her very own!

Creation and collaboration

Time flies, doesn’t it?  A whole year ago we were preparing for the debut of our second puppetry adaptation, Prince Dung Beetle, and since then we have added collaborators to the project and completed a second creation period to improve the show.  That first version feels far in the past now!

pdb snapshot barb and prince edit for blog

The image above is a snapshot of the new version of Prince Dungbeetle, with an updated script and expanded toy theatre sections (toy theatre is a two dimensional puppetry tradition).

The best part about this re-working of the show was realizing the value of collaborators.  When only our core company of three is working in the studio, we have no one to act as an outside eye.  We can record video of ourselves rehearsing, but nothing can replace the eye of a good director.

Last fall we were lucky enough to bring Anne Lalancette on board as a rehearsal director and puppetry coach for Prince Dung Beetle.  She worked wonders!  Developing any number of aspects from acting to choreography and puppet mechanics, our sessions with her brought the show to a new level.

Along side the creation of this puppet show we’ve been developing and testing workshops for kids and parents that can connect to the performance.  Our favorite version so far involves leading our young audience members to make musical maracas which they later play during the show.  It’s very rewarding to guide children to learn hands-on skills and then see them expressing themselves and having fun during our shows.

Stay tuned for updates –  Prince Dung Beetle and a hands-on maracas workshop will take place this June!

Prince Dung Beetle Sneak Peek

We’ve had a busy week here at the Flying Box Theatre getting ready for the first performance of Prince Dung Beetle at the Centaur Theatre Children’s Series this Saturday!

Here’s a sneak peek of some of our new puppet friends:


The heros of our story, Barbara and the Dung Beetle, flying together.


The scarab beetle, a type of dung beetle revered by ancient Egyptians.

IMG_20160406_084351 - Copy

The prince on horseback, in three sizes. Waiting for the final coat of paint!

The performance is on Saturday, April 9 at 10:30am at the Centaur Theatre. Tickets are $6.00 for kids and $8.00 for adults, and can be reserved by calling 514-288-3161

Hope to see you there!

Prince Dung Beetle Debuts at Centaur

princedb centaur annoucement

The Flying Box Theatre presents

Prince Dung Beetle

Saturday April 9th at 10:30am

453 Rue Saint-François-Xavier, Montréal, QC H2Y 2T1

part of the Centaur Theatre Children’s Series

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The Flying Box lands at Centaur Theatre for a second instalment of the Forgotten Fairytales series.  Focusing on catchy accordion music, toy theatre (aka: paper theatre) and silliness, Prince Dung Beetle is an interactive puppetry and storytelling show adapted from a long-lost Bavaria folk tale.  Ideal for kids aged 3-5, we welcome people of all ages to join us for a story about young Barbara and her love for all things great and small.

Tickets available by calling 514-288-3161

Ticket Prices: Adults: $8.00 Children: $6.00

Limited Seating Available – book your tickets now!


princedb centaur annoucement 02

Pop-up Workshop

We recently had the pleasure to make puppets with a whole gang of kids and their parents at Festival OUF the “off” Castelier Festival, which took place February 27th to March 6th 2016.  What fun! ouf workshop wordpress 2

It was wonderful to see parents working creatively with their kids, and having adult supervision allowed us to welcome kids of many ages to our workshop (from 3 to about 30 years, in fact!). The simple cone puppets, who truly excel at playing peek-a-boo, were loved by all and transformed into glamorous ladies, mermaids, spies and superheroes. Not bad!

ouf workshop wordpress

These puppets were based on a traditional structure, and here’s a little secret: we designed them to fit in with our upcoming production, Prince Dung Beetle!  Stay tuned for Prince Dung Beetle at the Centaur Theatre Children’s Series at 10:30 am on Saturday April 9th.