Help bring The Schönwerth Tales to life

Contribute to our August 2014 Stage-raiser!
stage raiser img
Goal: $ 1200.00 CAN
What’s it For? Materials and labour to construct this puppet theatre
Fundraising Deadline: September 1st 2014

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Are you as excited as we are about hearing untold Bavarian fairy tales, never before disney-fied? Do you want to support our explorations in puppetry and storytelling? Do you have a dollar in your pocket?

We are fundraising to build our beautiful, portable, FLYING BOX STAGE! Yes, the all-important frame and home to our work has been living in our minds for almost a year now, and we are ready to make it a reality. We’re working with a master set builder to create detailed construction plans, and we will begin building in early September. We’ve dreamed and planned, built models and rebuilt models, and in order to create a sturdy, functional stage we are asking for your help.

To purchase materials and fairly compensate a skilled builder, we will have to raise $1200. That’s not so bad! With a few dollars from you, we can build a long lasting, versatile puppet theatre to entertain and engage audiences for years to come. Every little bit helps and every single contributor will have their name painted on to the Flying Box Stage. All contributions above $5 will receive:

  • YOUR NAME painted on to the Flying Box Stage
  • A personalized audio recording of our favorite Schönwerth Tale.
  • An original lino-cut print
  • An invitation to an open rehearsal in Mid October – date & time TBA
  • An invitation to the full-length premiere in Late November – date & time TBA

Donate to our August 2014 Stage-raiser via co-founder Jesse Orr. Don’t wait, click the Pay pal button below!

PayPal Donate Button

Coming in late August: Flying Box BBQ fundraiser with sneak-peak preview!!


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