Introducing The Forgotten Fairy Tales

Some years ago a German folklorist discovered a collection of 500 long-forgotten folk tales in a basement archive in Regensberg, Bavaria. Tales like The Tailor and The Moon, The Flying Little Box, and Hans Dudeldee had all rested, untold, since they were collected in the early 1800’s by Franz Xavier von Schönwerth.

Now, these cousins of Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood are being staged for the first time in English by The Flying Box Theatre, as Hans Dudeldee and Other Forgotten Fairy Tales. We’re packing up our portable stage and bringing this 45-minute puppet show for audiences of all ages to venues of all kinds: libraries, community centres, festivals, parks, even the beach!

centaur hans web 01

Forgotten Fairytales features multiple stories, handmade marionettes, scrolling crankie-shows, accordion music & fun. The Flying Box Theatre explores these stories from the depths of their cultural significance to the heights of their adventurous plots, all within the magical world of our portable puppet stage.

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