Magic Mirror – Our New Podcast!

Not too long ago, we at the Flying Box recruited some friends and family to listen to us practicing telling our fairytales from memory.  We created our own ways of telling the stories and we worked on playing off each other as a performance team.  At one of these practice sessions we were introduced to actor and director Cowboy Smithx.  What a great encounter for us!  When we told him we were podcast fans, he laid down a challenge:  make your own. Well Cowboy, we did!

Now presenting episode one of Magic Mirror, The Flying Box Theatre’s first ever podcast. 

We’re jumping on that bandwagon!

-Jesse Orr in Episode One

Episode one features Erika Eichenseer, discoverer of the Schönwerth fairytale archive and publisher of the collection Prinz Roßzwifl.  (to be published in english as The Turnip Princess next month! we’re not even being sponsored for all these book advertisements!)

Erika talks about the stories, their history and significance, and her work with the Schönwerth Society, among other things.  Through the society’s website (german only) you can explore the lovely Schönwerth Path online… or visit in person in Regensberg, Bavaria!

Take a listen to Magic Mirror for a peek into our process, an outline of Jesse’s obsessions, and insight into the pagan roots of the Schönwerth Tales, plus much more!

Plus, don’t forget to check out Cowboy Smithx’s podcast The Silent X.

“We have to have better segues at some point.”

-Deborah Sullivan in Episode One




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