We made a show !

The Flying Box Theatre has been offline for a few weeks because we were preoccupied with preparing for two performances that took place on March 7th and 8th 2015.  The shows were a great success!  Thanks in large part to the volunteers and collaborators who worked with us–and to them we are so grateful.hans dudldee at OUF festival

One of those is Ms. Evelyn Giron, freelance designer extraordinaire, who created the beautiful painted design that graces our puppet theatre.  She also helped us make our stage floor more sturdy and portable, as well as giving us feedback on our show before opening day…come to think of it we couldn’t have done the show without her!

We asked her to incorporate the names of the people who contributed to last summer’s fundraising campaign into the painted design, and you can see an example of how she did it below.  We love how detailed the pattern is–and we know how many different hands and how many hours it took to achieve.  Not to mention how much problem solving and creative solutions! Thank you Evelyn!

evelyn for blog


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