Hans Dudldee

Hans is the son of a poor fisherman who sets off into the world to find his fortune. He was the star of the show we recently built and performed. P1060836 web 544P1060801 web 200

All Hans knows how to do is fish, which he finds a bit disheartening because, well, how’s he ever going to earn a living at it?  And how is fishing going to help him break the enchantment he stumbles across?centaur hans web 05

In the story of Hans Dudldee, young Hans is able to succeed because he starts from where he’s at and he asks for help when he needs it.  The Flying Box Theatre certainly could not have succeeded in creating our version of Hans Dudldee without asking for help!  So hoorah! for Hans and three cheers for these magical creatures who worked on our show:

Bruno Afonseca, Maira Chiodi, Lorna Craig, David di Giovanni, Evelyn Giron, Jeremy Gordaneer, Matt James, Meghan Lands, Lydia Lorrain, Rae Maitland, Clea Minaker, Tati Mitre, Hannah Morrow, Darlene Orr, Marie Julie Peters-Desteract, Filip Pietruszewski, Stephen Quinlan, Cathy Stubington, Japhy Sullivan, and Bernardo Torres.

A very heartfelt thank you from Debbie, Jesse and Chantale to all of you. (Please forgive us if we missed anyone in a puppet building-and-rehearsing fog! )

You can help too!  Where should we perform our show this June, near Montréal?  Email us at flyingboxtheatre at gmail.com if you have suggestions, questions, or comments.





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